Tło Sudetes

Chełmy Landscape Park

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The park is located in the eastern part of the Kaczawskie Foothills, in the Western Sudetes. It also includes a small patch of the Eastern Ridge of the Kaczawskie Mountains. Numerous studies have confirmed the separateness and uniqueness of this area. The park is characterized by outstanding landscape values ​​with relics of volcanic activity unique on a European scale. In terms of altitude, it is a highlands with altitudes of 350 - 400 m a.s.l. The highest point is Mszana Hill (475 m a.s.l.) in the forest near Muchów. A characteristic place is Czartowska Skała (463 m a.s.l.) - an outstanding, attractive vantage point. The park was formerly under the rule of the Cistercians from Lubiąż and numerous trade routes led through it. Its name refers to the pre-Slavic word CHOLMY, used as the name of the hills filling the Park. The park flows through such streams as Wilcza, Jawornik, Młynówka, and in its southern part Nysa Mała. Forests occupy about 55% of the park's area.


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