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They are a medium mountain range located in three countries: Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. The mountains are characterized by steep slopes, gentle peaks and ridges. The Sudetes include, among others: Sowie Mountains and Stołowe Mountains. There are different types of landscapes and landforms. Most of the bands stretch north-west and south-east. Mountain soils, mugworts, brown soils and black earth predominate here. There are loess and less like-like formations in the Sudetes basins. A typical mountain climate (cool and humid) is shaped by sea air masses. There are typical climatic floors. Odra, Morawa and Elbe are the most important rivers flowing from the Sudetes. The Sudetes are characterized by extensive afforestation, but the continuous progress of urbanization and industrialization has led to the cutting down and damage of a significant number of trees. After all, the landscape is still very picturesque here. There is an amazing wealth of nature here, despite the industrialization. Numerous national and landscape parks and reserves attract many tourists not only from Poland. Thanks to human activities in modern times, the world of fauna has undergone major transformations. Many animal species were exterminated, including bears, wolves, lynxes, wildcats....

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