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Trail of Piast Castles


Lower Silesia is a land so beautiful and diverse that one would have to spend more than one vacation on getting to know it thoroughly. Therefore, most of us choose what is most valuable. Sudeten peaks and historical cities with beautiful old towns are the most popular corners of Lower Silesia....

Less known Sudetes


Sudetes - old and beautiful mountains, have captivated tourists for years with their beauty and richness of attractions. The most famous mountain groups in the Sudetes are, of course, the highest and well-developed in terms of tourism Giant Mountains, but other ranges have a lot to offer tourists....

Sowie Mountains and secrets of the past


The Sudetes are known for numerous and interesting mountain ranges. One of the more eagerly visited here are the Sowie Mountains, known for the numerous underground buildings created by the Nazis during World War II. These mysterious undergrounds and related historical riddles are the main reason...

Stołowe Mountains - unusual rock formations


The Table Mountains are an extremely fascinating place for all lovers of hiking and contact with nature. You can also count on many climbing attractions, and in winter use cross-country ski trails. The Table Mountains National Park is not only good tourist infrastructure and a multitude of walking...