Tło Sudetes

Sowie Mountains Landscape Park

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Landscape Park covering the Central Sudetes, the central part of the Sowie Mountains and the Włodarz massif. The surface of the Sowie Mountains is level, and the slopes, especially the north-eastern ones, have a steep nature, cut by deep and narrow valleys of streams. The area is undoubtedly distinguished by picturesque rocks. Geologically, the Owl Mountains Landscape Park includes part of the gneiss mountain block, which is the oldest proterozoic element of the geological structure of the Sudetes. Among the metamorphic rocks, the largest surface is covered by gneisses and migmatites considered the oldest rock formation throughout the Sudetes. These are different varieties of gneisses, often strongly folded. Among them there are inserts of amphibolites, serpentinites, hornblendites, quartz rocks and younger vein rocks. The local type of mountain landscape is characterized by a large concentration of various contrasting forms on a small area, on a scale not found anywhere else in the country. This makes the Park attractive for tourists, through which many routes lead.


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