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Wałbrzych is an industrial center, the largest center for the production of fine ceramics in Poland, a city with industrial, commercial and service functions with developing functions of a tourist center. The city has well-developed cultural facilities, cinemas, theaters, philharmonic, museums, libraries, BWA Art Gallery, Science and Technology Park, the city operates the Wałbrzych Culture Center and universities, and the research center of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In the city there are many monuments of bourgeois and sacred architecture, castles, palaces, the Wałbrzych museum has unique geological collections of Carboniferous flora and fauna, the only one in Poland and one of the world's two species of the late Carboniferous arthropod from the Vywi group. Wałbrzych is a center of the supra-regional Wałbrzych agglomeration, covering the surrounding urbanized municipalities. Wałbrzych is the second city after Wrocław in terms of population in the voivodship.


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